- Case study -

Altavia - Thelem Assurances

Customer: Altavia


Attract new customers - people who don't know Thelem Insurances but could be interested by the innovative solutions they offer


General public

Our value proposition

12 videos showing characters with actual concerns. Each video shows a character in its daily life so that the target customer can identify. We worked with a stylist : the decision was taken to use white and orange as main colours since they are part of the brand identity. All the videos will be assembled.


When a user searchs on the web, the toolbar of the sites he's consulting appears.
No matter his/her profile, a video is shown to him/her with this organisation:

- insertion in an existing environment

- situation and context

- questioning (with problematics)

- satisfying answer from Thelem Insurances

cinq2trois Thelem 1
cinq2trois Thelem 2
cinq2trois Thelem 3


Patrick Puzenat

Producteur Exécutif
Tel : 06 29 66 62 01
Mail : patrick@cinq2trois.com
CV en ligne : www.linkedin.com

Thierry Dechilly

Producteur Executif
Tel : 06 08 60 38 48
Mail : thierry@cinq2trois.com

Hamid Saadia

Tel : 06 69 01 40 47
Mail : hamid@cinq2trois.com