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Publicis - Nestlé

Customer: Publicis


In March 2014 Publicis contacted Cinq2trois to conceive and produce a 5min video for its customer Nestlé. The video was needed as soon as possible.


For an informative purpose, provide an illustration of a new concept of milk for babies.


Selling powers of the group and doctors via dedicated channels and Internet.

Our value proposition

Make an attractive movie mixing up medical images and family life pictures. Because of the restrictive deadlines, most of the pictures used were bought. We conceived and produced 2 minutes of 3D images and motion design to illustrate the new process in details. A short shooting in the laboratories of Nestle is planned.


"Metabolic Programing" turned out to be a modern and attractive video with a contemporary music.
It corresponded to our customer's expectations and needs. Nestle took the decision to use this video as the reference for this concept and adapted it in several languages (english, spanish, chinese and arabic) for its international business.

cinq2trois Nestlé 1
cinq2trois Nestlé 2
cinq2trois Nestlé 3


Patrick Puzenat

Producteur Exécutif
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Thierry Dechilly

Producteur Executif
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